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Renew stone or brick surfaces, tile, siding, fencing, sidewalks, and driveways.


Ready to remove paint, rust, bondo, and bedliner. We can even get that chassis back to a factory finish.


Need to renew your boat hull? Want to strip old paint and barnacles? How about changing the color of your boat and trailer for a fresher look? Dustless Blasting is perfect for you, and it's environmentally friendly to use near any body of water.

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Our wet abrasive technology lends itself to a wide variety of uses and applications. Wet blasting is a natural choice for cleaning grease, rust, factory coatings, and contaminants from the old motorcycle, engine, or machine parts. The wet abrasive process is not only quicker but allows us to avoid a large (sometimes toxic) dust cloud. Choosing the right media we can achieve any type of finish. We also offer Dry Blasting to meet other anchor profile needs.

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In the engineering industry, wet blasting is used to remove carbon deposits, oxidation, paint, and contaminants. It has also been used for cleaning and peening aerospace parts and surfaces.

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